Economic statistics

The Statistics Department of the Chamber of Commerce produces two publications of fundamental importance for those who operate and work in San Marino, and for those who intend investing in our Country: the Report on San Marino companies and the Climate of Business Confidence.
Two precise and updated evaluation tools which attempt to provide an in-depth and detailed account of our country’s economy.

A thorough statistical investigation made by the Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the purposes of its establishment which, pursuant to Law no. 71 dated 2004, allow it to “acquire from economic operators asset, economic and statistical data […] in order to carry out studies and research and produce publications relating to the economic trend in San Marino”.

Report on San Marino companies (yearly): compiled on the basis of the annual accounts data sent by computer by San Marino companies to the Chamber of Commerce, the Report provides detailed information on the health of the economic system, on its strong and weak points and on the economic dynamics under way.
It is important to emphasise how the software developed by the Chamber of Commerce to enter financial statements is the only tool available in the Republic for collecting financial statement and economic financial statement data in digital form and making these immediately available for statistical processing. This means greater computerization and above all the chance to constantly upgrade the quality of services according to the indications provided by the companies themselves.

Climate of Business Confidence (once-yearly): compiled on the basis of a telephone questionnaire involving a sample of 400 San Marino companies, it provides a clear picture of economic growth prospects and company confidence rating, by taking a look at the major economic indicators

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