Looking for a company in San Marino? You’ll find them all in the Guida Titano!

The Guida Titano – official list of San Marino economic operators - is back with a completely renovated look. This publication has been conveying the names of the protagonists of the Republic of San Marino’s economy around the world for more than ten years and over time has enhanced its contents according to the requirements of readers, sometimes even anticipating them.
This is why the 2012 paper edition (available as and from January) is even easier to handle and use, while always maintaining the traditional division into commodity categories and alphabetic order
Hence the website www.guidatitano.com has been totally redesigned and, thanks to a new graphic design and new functions, occupies a rightful place among the most effective tools ever created for the promotion of San Marino economic activities. Packed with information, available free of charge, around the clock, 7 days a week, it also enables users to download and review chamber of commerce surveys, thanks to a direct link with the Chamber of Commerce’s online Trade Register (fee required), thus making searches even more effective.


  • Whenever you wish to contact a San Marino company or economic operator

  • When you wish to know which companies or operators belong to a specific commodity category

  • When you want to know more details: address, company name, economic operator code, map.

  • When you want to learn more and need extra details: email, website, description of main activity in Italian and English, Managers, number of employees, turnover bracket, export countries (Important: these details are only available if the San Marino company has notified them during the course of updating)

  • When you want to find firms that sell and manufacture green products, look for this symbol (TREE) to find certified eco-sustainable companies.

Guida Titano: much more than a database

Guida Titano is published by San Marino Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Assoservizi S.r.l.