Chocotitano: the fair of chocolate of the Republic of San Marino

27 and 28 october 2012

Its fragrance brings to mind the colours and warmth of a far-off and mysterious Latin America.

Its flavour has inspired artists of all kinds, who have immortalised in their works the beneficial and aphrodisiac properties of this unique and prodigious food product.

Chocolate. More than a simple food to fill the stomach, a real temptation, a panacea for the senses, precious nourishment for the heart.
And San Marino again celebrated it – Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October 2012 - with a specially dedicated event: CHOCOTITANO

An event which not only promotes the virtues of chocolate but also instils fresh life into the old-town centre of Borgo Maggiore, which has always been a meeting point for the people of San Marino and the throbbing heart of our country which, since 2008, has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stands, guided tastings, exhibitions, entertainment, competitions and shows will make it possible to discover the extraordinary qualities of chocolate in all its shapes and forms.
The fantasy of the chefs of the Chocorestaurants, with their delicious chocolate menus, will enable lucky diners to try new combinations and new flavours.

As usual, special focus will be placed on children. For them, plenty of fun, entertainment and games and, of course, sweet delights...

27 and 28 October 2012...Give in to the temptation!