Chamber of Commerce's short history

2001- originally named APSE, Agency for the Promotion and Development of the Economy (Law no. 133 dated 24 November 1997). The President was Enzo Donald Mularoni while Massimo Ghiotti was appointed as director. The legal status chosen for the Agency was that of Joint-Stock Company with mixed state and private capital

2004 – the Camera di Commercio S.p.A. was established by Law no. 71 dated 26 May 2004. Mularoni remained President.

2008 – Simona Michelotti was elected President.

2009 – The Chamber of Commerce obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification

2011 – The Chamber of Commerce consists of a staff of 8 people besides the CEO.

2012 - Pier Giovanni Terenzi becomes the new President, succeding Simona Michelotti.