Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008

Quality Certification: why?

In a world in which the need for administrative transparency is tending, to an increasing extent, to be translated into the excessive formalization of procedures and overpowering bureaucratization, the San Marino Chamber of Commerce has decided to focus primarily on the individual.

The Chamber of Commerce obtains ISO 9001 Quality Certification

The decision to certify the Chamber of Commerce stems from a unanimous and strongly shared choice involving all staff members. The Chamber’s operating system was thus closely monitored to see just how effective and how appreciated it is by clients.
A difficult procedure, which put the institute’s team work under pressure for over a year with staff members called upon to come to terms with their professionalism and expertise and, in some cases, to update approaches and methods.
Of course, the accuracy of internal work systems is crucial for the correct management of resources and activities. But it is useless and ineffective if ever we lose sight of the final objective – true client satisfaction. Prompted by the desire to provide an efficient service in step with the times – to the people of San Marino and anyone else wanting to make use of its services – the Chamber of Commerce decided to set off down the path towards ISO 9001 quality certification.
Improving service quality does not only mean adopting operating standards that meet pre-established levels of efficiency, it means, above all, trying to understand the requirements of our clients, appreciating that behind the single individuals who come to the Chamber of Commerce lies a whole world in turmoil. From simple information requests to the most complex internationalization activities and the issuing of youth entrepreneur certificates, everyone is entitled to receive a valid and transparent service, because from the speed and effectiveness of the answers given will depend the success of the business activity, whatever kind it is.
For this reason, quality certification must not be dismissed as a sterile list of operating instructions. On the contrary, it becomes a real and true added value, an instrument at the service of the community, which is thus able to directly determine the reliability and the professional capacity of its interlocutor. On the other hand, compliance with the international requirements established by ISO standards enables the Chamber of Commerce to have at disposal a sort of compass that guides it over a rather rough and rapidly-changing road, and which above all helps it to always move in the right direction: constant upgrading in the interest of clients.
The fact that we have obtained certification therefore is merely the first step along the path to quality. A step that has taken a lot of care and attention, which has aroused enthusiasm and satisfaction in those who attentively initiated it and saw it take shape, but which now it has been made, requires an equal amount of dedication.