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Article 21 of the Articles of Association of the Chamber of Commerce defines the role and competences of the Board of Directors, appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting.
It has powers of ordinary administration, within the limits expressly provided for by the law and the Articles of Association.

The functions of the Board of Directors include the faculty to manage company activity, determining the rules and procedures to adopt in order to manage cash and the treasury, purchase the services provided for by the company purpose and appoint lawyers and proxies.
It also deals with recruiting and dismissing personnel and defining the terms and conditions of relationships with consultants and collaborators.

Board of Directors

President Pier Giovanni Terenzi

Director Giorgio Battistini
Director Giulio Caramaschi
Director Remo Contucci
Director Andreina Bartolini
Director Massimo Merlino
Director Alfredo Piccoli
Director Luigi Tontini
Director Loris Valentini


San Marino National Industry Association

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San Marino Entrepreneurs' Association

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San Marino National Union of Craftsmen

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Unione Sammarinese Commercio
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San Marino Tourist Operators' Union

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Banca di San Marino

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Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino

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Credito Industriale Sammarinese

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UniversitĂ  di San Marino

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